The Golden Hour

The day starts here. ( or is it the daze starts here? )

Just for a change, as happens every once in a while, I WAS AWAKE TO SEE 6am! Trouble is it only ever occurs when I have no sleep!

I really can’t work myself out most of the time. Weeks of usually ten to twelve hours sleep a night and in a state of near collapse within two to four hours of being awake. Out of the blue INSOMNIA. Not only that but with NO sleep those odd days I’ll manage slightly better through the day than if I sleep.

Finally, only three weeks late for online class (photo101), I managed a chunk of photography. I had to make use of my immediate surroundings at home as not well enough to wander far BUT I made it out into both front and back gardens two or three times and even as far as the neighbours gate. All for the fun of catching morning light and playing photography with my new mobile phone (arrived last weekend, too exhausted to set it up properly yet).

Finally by this evening I worked out how to transfer my photos by bluetooth as I’ve not agreed the software terms yet for the whole shaboodle wondering if i agree all this shit with entire access and copy rights to all content I might create. BLIMEY I’m paying enough for the phone I’d expect USB lead access to and transfer of MY files. A lot’s apparently changed in software and content control in the four years since my last phone. AND somewhere in the terms I saw that not agreeing means the manufacturer can start glitching out and removing functionality and even delete any content… did I misread?

I can understand shared rights with free resource providers not receiving revenue from me in anyway but when you’re paying for the bloomin’ phone and your software was better basic functionality in 2004 … jeez.

Ranting! Oops! Lack of sleep and skinflint customer expectations to blame. I came here to update my 6am starting post for the Golden Hour prompt and then instead run along with my complaints… I had bliss all lined up ready too! Giving myself a reboot to return with my photo posts now I made new photos of sorts for class…



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