Time After Time 2

Start by Free-thoughty… (or thereabouts!)

Shafali’s POCKET WATCH pen and ink drawing: picture prompt for Creativity Carnival, a new challenge event hosted by Shafali, starting today. Click image to visit this week’s prompt post and find links/pingbacks to other entries.

Mixt-ape has taken it upon himself to become a tough task-master this last couple of days. (You can read this post and onward to meet Mixt-ape!)

“Why by 3:40 Friday?” I’d queried.

“It’s not Friday, it just happens to be so coincidentally. It’s ‘For-I-Day’. 3:40 is the magical time for free-thoughty, 3+4+0=7 and there are seven days in a week and from here on in with a little imagination and a sprinkle of magic you WILL be making more of each day. We will unleash your creativity and your quality of life and happiness will increase ten-fold…”

I was about to interject but before I could get a word in edgeways, he continued, very insistently and almost convincingly,

“and it’s not a deadline it’s a lifeline!” 

“So, seven is the magic number?” I queried. “so why not four thirty?”

“DON’T say thought-th-hurty!” he spluttered. “It’s essential to avoid all negative connotation if we’re to keep this magic regenerating. Any negatives in the mix will eat away at your soul and your ‘Diverse Responsive Activity Generator’ will disintegrate. For goodness sake I’ve barely just got it up and running PLEASE don’t spoil it now!”

I rested back against my pillows, glad of the support and encouragement regardless of Mixt-ape’s insistence on the importance of sticking to  HIS schedule and game-plan, opened my laptop and began typing.

“That’s the way to do it”, Mixt-ape  enthused happily, opening his pocket-watch at free-thoughty’ precisely. “Don’t forget to finish up and take a break from the screen after forty-five minutes max or it will be thought-th-hurty by half-past four! Let the magic begin…”

This post was written toward Shafali’s Creativity Carnival event. I found her blog during my reading the Literary Lion challenge posts for this week’s prompt ‘Time’, for which I had a rough idea but not yet written up and now out of time! But I’m on time with this one and it’s just before half-past four, so the magic is working and I’m off for a break.

6 thoughts on “Time After Time 2

  1. Loved the way you’ve used the time in the watch. Free-thoughty. Actually, 3:40 in the morning is really a time for some free-thoughty 🙂 Waiting to see Mixt-ape…but the colorful guy does him justice. Your story tells me that he is a colorful character.

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    • Thank you for visiting Shafali 🙂 I’d been eagerly awaiting your first prompt and I enjoyed the coincidence of writing a response around the time displayed on your drawing. Currently enjoying an overwarm and sleepless soon 3:40AM writing surge, working on other drafts so your remark is quite true 🙂 Lovely to find such spark of inspiration from your challenge and appreciate your encouragement. Cheers 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve not made a second pingback or comment to your event page for fear of spamming but have included your pic with a second short response attempt, https://dragrun.wordpress.com/2015/08/01/free-thoughty-am-writing/
        (I set myself a five minute writing challenge and drafted a poem, took the rest of nearly an hour working out how to upload your pic to use slightly smaller on page using a trackpad with no mouse-like right click. doh! I wrote this time during the same time period but during night instead of day. I’ll link my pages up better later 🙂


      • I don’t fear spamming from fellow-bloggers 🙂 and without ping backs events won’t survive. Just checked your link…another fab response. Isn’t it odd how our thoughts shift gears with the time of the day?

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