five minutes for a challenge?

on reflection, (draft poem, alternate title: ‘free-thoughty AM writing’)Image credit: Shafali 2015 ( Creative Carnival Prompt#1

Image credit: Shafali 2015 (
Creative Carnival Prompt#1

My second response attempt for the Creativity Carnival challenge…

there’s a whole twenty four hours in every day

so you could take just five minutes and make time to play

with a minute idea like from the tick to the tock

of this old pocket watch – some timed writing on the one hand or

perhaps on the other pick up a pencil, to doodle or draw

or have fun with numbers in some creative fashion

they soon all add up so there’s no need to ration the urge

when it happens can make all the difference and

soon day-time or night-time becomes less of a sufferance…

My previous response was written from 3:40pm yesterday, this one twelve hours later (playing along with the numbers in the prompt)


4 thoughts on “five minutes for a challenge?

    • Yeah, this was a really good challenge, it only ran for a few weeks over summer, but you can still use the prompts and pingback to the challenge page anytime 🙂 I’ve still got a couple of unfinished things started and a few floating ideas keep rattling round 😉

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