Time After Time 3

Here’s another great idea for a new blogging event / challenge to join in with (better late than never!) Click the image to visit the coolbeans4 blog #LookAheadMonthly page (and beyond)…

August! planning ahead and to be busier than usual* seems like a good idea!

A big thankyou to #LookAheadMonthly challenge host (IAmDonovan) at the coolbeans4 blog for providing a groovy free to use graphic for response posts  and it coincidentally colour matches quite well with my Mixt-ape character (next but one paragraph for links to see pics of Mixt-ape)


I thought I might like to try #DrawingAugust challenge, but can I really control a drawing implement every day sufficiently enough at the moment or can I get over myself and lower my expectations? – just have some fun with having a playaround with tactile materials to upload! Can I even manage a daily commitment / demand for thirty one days successive trying? We’ll see …(have to find link and update page)…

I hope to continue and improve on my Mixt-ape series which appears to be evolving and developing a life of it’s own beyond my original planned feature post… merging, mix-and-match style various challenge prompts, past and current, in whatever way whets my appetite at whatever time. There are so many great challenge events going on that I’m looking forward to exploring more soon (but trying not to bite off more than I can chew by remembering ‘your eyes are bigger than your belly’ as my good mother would often tell me…

Absolutely thrilled to bits by the power of suggestion invoked by Shafali’s Creativity Carnival, another newly launched event. Having been getting stuck in the mud of misery and lacking motivation for low energy I’ve now found myself whirring ideas round and working rough notes/drafts towards some more potential responses to the fantastic picture prompt over the course of this week. A much better spell than recent weeks hopefully! Much appreciation to Shafali for the amazing picture prompt AND permission for participant use in response posts.

I’m going to end this post here (oops inserted after extending even further down the page!) as this blog is supposed to be for creative responsive outputs, not discussion / process (I’ve another lagging behind blog to revive for more long-winded posts but clearly carried away having fun!)

… except to remember, almost last but not at all least, to perhaps give this next challenge a go, even if out of time by the time I get around to it (and definitely to explore the past challenges some more and maybe try some for practise):-

https://tuckedintoacorner.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/stellar-and-lunar-roundup-11/#comments prompt#12 issued 30/07/15 = Velocity OR Value (or combine both) first entry = http://masterselftherapy.com/11-values-for-well-lived-life/ (interesting, regarding times of life achievements perhaps, something I was thinking of during PocketWatch exploration/brainstorm, how Shafali’s picture prompt very loosely reminded me of Shakespeare’s The Seven Ages of Man speech and how I wish I could remember the play it turns up in! Has to be one that I read! That reminds me of Poetry101rehab CONNECTIONS prompt before Monday… but no time just now to flit about getting more links, it’ll turn up at some point, meanwhile my brain’s shifting gear between neutraal and reverse and i’ll be going Doh!nuts! all day if I don’t stop this post soon…

oh, some dives into some good books and research resources seeing as I have some around somewhere to hand-ish, however shallow or belly-flop my dives turn out to be AND of course, the comparitive speed and ease of internet research (versus the time warp the distraction potentials deliver) perhaps to further develop and improve my skills base during my ‘having more fun to cheer myself up *while still, ill and needing better rest… enough waffle and thought-processing, that’s what this next and final item on my August agenda is for:-

Repeating Blogging101 this next imminent presentation, but from bedressed.wordpress.com (currently defunct and hidden away until revived), from where learning process type things might take place from now – although applying blogging101 tasks behind the scenes here and attending the belated overdue and very necessary blog tweeks along the way of that ‘course’.

Saving this space specially as just ‘ONE for FUN’…  hopefully back to some play s00n…

…and if I can’t do it all I’ll have a hopefully improved baseline to build from regardless and will not stress…

That’s my LookAheadMonthly post for August done and dusted here, in the main, but nothing personal, because that’s a whole’nother story…


4 thoughts on “Time After Time 3

  1. Hi, Colette! Thanks for dropping by my blog-corner, I’m glad you like the look of my Stellar and Lunar challenge. I’m about to post the week’s challenge, but if you prefer to delve into an old one first that’s totally fine.

    I look forward to your contribution. Hope you have a lovely day (or night) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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