Clear as a bell?

My final share this week for Shafali’s Creativity Carnival is this sketch I made last Sunday (also my #DrawingAugust challenge response).  It was the only bell around near enough that I could draw from observation. It’s another rough attempt (work-in-progress piece) that may or may not ever be continued or finalised.


My other challenge responses this week can be found  here for bedressed and here and there (at Fishing4Soup, my new blog!) Links to follow when back to puter! when I might also manage to crop that pic and present a bit better!

Shafali’s Creativity Challenge ‘Bell’ post has pingbacks in the comments  to some fantastic responses from other participants…

Looking forward to the next challenge post from due sometime today πŸ™‚

boy does a week fly by fast when you’re having more fun than usual with attempted creativity – yes! ;D


5 thoughts on “Clear as a bell?

  1. I was just wanting to let you know that visiting your blogs, I am seeing some things that make more sense seeing them than reading about them! Thanks. Posts I Like, that was one of them I was surprised to find 2 very familiar photos and then realized it was my posts too you like πŸ˜€ Ok long day at the blogland but productive and the time has flown. See you around,Happy blogging trails

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    • OK, thank you for so mach valuable feedback. Your holo-deck comment made me smile. I have a friend who tells me to imagine my computer as if the starship voyager and the holo-deck is within the depths beyond my screen offering unlimited potential! Lol. I’ll catch your blog again soon too, really enjoyed my visit earlier πŸ™‚


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