rough outline (hidden mapping)

another rough outline... this journey will take me a long while...

another rough outline… this journey will take me a long while…

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This is my only entry for this week’s Creativity Carnival for this prompt within the timescale before the next prompt is announced.

Journeying this week finds me a bit lost at sea…(blogging & domestic priorities, not literally travelling…)

and I’ve a lot of digging to do to uncover any hope of treasure if there … so whatever’s waiting for me

beneath that X marks the spot, is probably something and nothing… will ‘it’ ever see the light of day?

Can I even find my way there with a map like this?… besides, the cartographer had their eyes closed while marking that ‘X’…


PS: until I make an image/text widget or update pages, I’ve posted the Award Free Blog badge here to declare this blog an award free zone. Reliably sourced, click the badge icon if you wish to get your own… display of this badge shows the person who is thinking of nominating your blog for a blogger’s award, such as the ‘Liebster’, that you do not participate in those challenge chains. The workload involved in taking part can be difficult and stressful for some, or not match with their visual identity, or perhaps their professional purpose. This doesn’t prevent you from adding a link on your blog to their homepage or one of your favourite posts at their blog and showing appreciation that way.


4 thoughts on “rough outline (hidden mapping)

    • That’s incredibly kind of you πŸ™‚ thank you. I hope I can make it myself, just finishing blogging101 this weekend so should have all the info I need to manage that. I appreciate your offer of support though πŸ˜€ If I get stuck I’ll shout a stuck tweet or something but fingers crossed it should be straight-forward. By the way, I learnt better what’s meant by ‘visual identity’ and ‘branding’ visiting your blog and seeing the consistency across platforms, really helped those concepts make sense. I very much appreciate the links you’ve shared to me too. I’ll catch up with your #Drawing August soon, a day or two behind browsing twitter…cheers πŸ™‚

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  1. A Treasure-hunt with an incorrect map! I shudder to imagine the outcome. This idea has potential of evolving into a story. Are you planning to write one? Thanks for participating πŸ™‚ I like your fresh take on the challenge.

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    • Aah but we don’t actually know it’s inaccurate! No idea of scale or anything. If the island’s as big as the chest…it wouldn’t be an X as big as the map or it’d appear crossed out and THEN we’d have what appears to be an inaccurate map! and is it land or sea… or just a puddle in a neughbour’s lawn…? Such a mystery!
      (Did I pitch a story? For the bell, maybe. Current rate of processing & commitments could be twice as long for that one than I thought. I might..eventually tho.)


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