Creativity Carnival (The Gun)

SAM_0132 (Xmudpud) (2)

This is not a muddy puddle

and those are not drops of blood

because the only guns allowed here

fire bullets made of spud.

Inspired by Stu’s piece at SnailzpaceDaily and Shafali’s Creativity Carnival cue-art prompt.

Picture used is another piece of my ‘art’work from 2012, made for the ‘Texduality’ exhibition that year; the rhyme is new writing for the carnival 🙂


7 thoughts on “Creativity Carnival (The Gun)

  1. I like this. I’ve been strolling around your blogs, and I feel a connection to you. I noticed you’re planning to do the Blogging U. writing course. See you there.
    In October Blogging U. are doing a poetry course. This has only been run once before. I enrolled, and really enjoyed it. Maybe you’ll feel like doing that one too…

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