Listless 101

(Leaves me listless)

Write a list of things we like, or learnt or wish?

Or what the hell this task I’ll ditch!

That’s disappointing for a brief,

I’m not inspired, maybe I’ll leave

this task aside, maybe I’ll say

I made a list just yesterday!

Or howabout I just prepare

my shopping list and say ‘so there!’

I really don’t need ‘simplenote’

to make a list, you surely joke!

Why would I want another app?

There’s far too many and most are crap!

And yes I know so is my rhyme but

I need a little something to fill my class time

cos to make a list of such a sort

seems plain and simple selling short

the selling point of such a class

to find inspiration, use it fast

and make it last and keep it going

so listlessly I’m so oh NO-ing!

Of course I might just behave better later in the day after a good night or morning’s sleep and do my ‘assignment’ properly. Will I be inspired by browsing the links to suggested lists from the briefs or by seeing the lists of co-learners? Or will I just skive this one and say I need more practise in that!


4 thoughts on “Listless 101

  1. Oh my my!

    I am falling in love,

    by and by;

    With your diverse talents,

    Patented, latents,

    Such a nice friend you are,

    Always at war,

    With boredom,

    Seldom do you resist,

    insist or desist,

    Always you fly,

    In creative sky,

    Anand ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

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