Right now, I can’t get out…

Today’s writing 101 task asks us to make a post expanding on a comment…

Between these four walls...

Between these four walls…

This post is based on conversations with Jane at Making It Write (as you can see Jane, I’ve not cut the wires!) and also Kelly at HonestMe363  with whom I was chatting about coping with duress by making everything an art-type experience, even when confined.

Sometimes it’s therapeutic to just get on with some silly play and enjoy the most mundane of things, making something and nothing of something else. Such as this photo as if I’m trapped inside my new microwave. Don’t worry, I’m not. I am housebound most of the time though. I would rather get out. In the meantime, I don’t have much room for being bored, whatever it might look like.

I’ve got something else in mind now, using this photo… but not for this w101 task and not for here and now… and in the fewest possible words (haiku!) … because I need more practise, briefly…

My main writing101 blog can be accessed via this link and I have there an index page to help co-learners navigate and select from my various types of W101 posts made during this course.

Feedback welcome, especially anything you might like to see or read here? – writing101 homework to obtain reader suggestions for topics etc!


2 thoughts on “Right now, I can’t get out…

  1. Good advice Colette- silly play helps to speed things along definitely! I should have asked you before but I just thought of it, what song did you sing when you were confined? Just curious.☺ sorry, I am not one to suggest anything! I feel like you should be free to write,draw,doodle take pictures etc at your own free will. I tend to enjoy them all ☺ P.S. it really is a very pretty microwave ☺


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