Randomised photo essay – unsplash

Shafali's cue-art for the Crea)tivity Carnival this week (#6)

Shafali’s cue-art for the Creativity Carnival this week (#6)

I’m out of sorts this week and running out of steam fast. The photos in the gallery below play on random order to make a wordless story / photo essay. They are not my photos. These images are downloadable from unsplash.com as attribution free stock images to use as you please. I had intended to use as potential illustrations for a potential story. The main character was someone apparently very ordinary, the least likely suspect … but what is she suspected of?

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4 thoughts on “Randomised photo essay – unsplash

    • Thanks – couldn’t get it together for writing for one thing, and thought leaving it a wordless photo essay might not be so bad πŸ™‚ Link to wherever you like Kelly – and forgot to answer your previous question about my blogs – four actively on go at moment – 1 links from user name and other 3 on gravatar – don’t expect you to follow them all! (also guest posting daily writers born this day quotes at Snailzpace Daily = http:pathwayhalfwayhome.com)

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