Writing101 and Writing365 free association – combination collaboration

Over the next few days in Writing101 (Find Daily Inspiration), learners have been challenged to reach out and form some kind of collaboration toward a near future assignment. Further down this post, you’ll find my just for fun, collaborative vignette opener and can take part using the comments section. If you have a minute or two to join in, please take part 🙂

If you use twitter, please feel free to join the conversation at #BUw101 or add quick-fire free association responses to the prompts suggested so far for collaborative writing (using the reply sections to those tweets). There are some other blogger posts requesting different types of collaboration shared there too.

I’ve also made a collaboration contact form at my main blog if you’d like to use that.

Free association quick fire responses (via comments) needed to form a collaborative group vignette:

(I might include your comment in a final version as collaborative writing with credit given to each contributor for their part.)

Sometime later today I am using this prompt as intended over at the WishingWell. It’s been given a twist here.

This prompt is sourced from today’s writing task in the downloadable 365 Days of Writing from the DailyPost at WordPress.

Write anything you like inspired by or using this line:

“He tried to hit me with a forklift!”


11 thoughts on “Writing101 and Writing365 free association – combination collaboration

  1. He tried to hit me with a forklift.
    Drunk, though, he couldn’t drive in a straight line.
    A blessing in disguise, an unexpected gift –
    turns out DUI-ing a forklift comes with a heavy fine.

    Oh dear, I really shouldn’t rhyme… Fun, though 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much to contributors for all their wonderful responses 🙂 It’s been such fun and I can’t wait for you to see the final piece with just a couple of tweeks and your responses inspired a couple of new verses from me too. I’ll post a link here in a while when the resulting group poem is published as a whole piece… (it’s going on The Wishing Well rather than this blog).

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