Leap Quota 01


Day 1 of my fourteen day LeapQuota challenge, part of the (I must be mad) Leapster challenge and following the 14 days up to 14 ways strategy… which isn’t a part of the Leapster requirement but I somehow push myself quite hard, even though I know I’ll never quite make it that far…

This quote was the first quote I chose for my first guest-post ever at Snailzpace DailyΒ way back in August 2015.Β I was given the task of just finding three quotes a day for my blogging friend to use as a resource. I post there, in plain text, nothing fancy, as some days researching the quotes from just one source (Brainyquote.com) can take an hour or more.

The rule I have to work to (at SPD) is quotes from someone born on the day of posting. Originally it was only to feature quotes from writers or poets – but I begged since to widen the field as some days were quite impossible otherwise – and it allows scope for continuing after the first year maybe. I’d like to widen the research net BUT don’t have all the time in the world and an hour a day is my upper limit. I also now include a couple of facts about the date, from wiki.

So, for my quota posts here over the next fourteen days, my aim is to simply to add one of those quotes I already selected for SPD, with the text applied to the same background as above. Maybe I’ll write a small something, maybe I won’t. In most cases I still don’t even know who these authors are or anything about their work – I simply fulfill the given task to find three quotes… one day I’ll stretch myself a little further …


13 thoughts on “Leap Quota 01

  1. Came back by, had missed a few, must’ve been my problem navigating the tablets……anyhow……..in high school, there were two teachers i think it was, one for sure , would come in to their class to find the quote on the chalkboard. Bring back memories. πŸ˜€

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      • ah well it might be me, i know i had your subscribed to be in my email and it fell off i had to follow one of em again, love technology.I think I get notified all of them now so i have been visiting people to see what i missed πŸ™‚

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      • I can’t keep up with notifications! still, I remember the blogs/people I really want to keep up with and others I recognise when I see icons and hop over, I’m just useless for leaving tabs open cos I mean to comment and have dozens of tabs open in several windows before i know it, then it crashes and there’s never enough time to go back through all that browser history! but I know I’ve read and hit a stat. You sent my stats soaring with catch up visiting – it was so funny, wordpress announces ‘your stats are soaring!’, at the point of ahving ONE extra special visitor looking round lots of posts πŸ˜€ That gave me a giggle. I’d rather have one good reader than a hundred readers skipping by for a few seconds and only passing through πŸ˜‰

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      • yeh i think you did that to my stats before too with a visitor with Lots od views lol πŸ˜‰ Me too, quality not quantity. for my injured hand (banged up) i have had to resort to use the little thingy up in the corner that notifies of comments/likes. And go under dashboard for where i Liked something i think it is your likes/comments? and ck back. Otherwise i am dropping all tablets on floor ugh!


    • Maybe your notifications work and you’ll get this quick hallo from me πŸ™‚ Sorry I’ve been away from blogging without a word to warn you I needed time away from blogging. Not exactly planned to be away. I’m heading over to your blog in a mo and can’t hit like buttons and maybe not commenting as gotta grab my dinner yet. Concentration failures. I keep forgetting to check my email too! Hope you’re ok and times are good with life treating you well. I’ll get back to swishy soon enough too – the theme has to stay tho, sorry, cos it’s no longer available and it being old hat might not be a bad thing. Chat another time, hopefully. Cyasoon πŸ™‚ It was lovely to be reminded that my post sparked happy memories for you.

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