Leap Quota 4


Of course a modern translation would have it that ‘one’ or s/he or (s)he or even perhaps Xe… have you ever seen anyone use Xe for he/she?

That’s off the point, I find practising at ‘work’ ie. keeping myself busy with my blog an exhausting but worthwhile way to rest without boredom and hopefully gaining skills and tolerance for small (mostly mental!) exertion 😉

Have a good day!


3 thoughts on “Leap Quota 4

  1. Humanoid who seeks………or Human, sheesh …….;) glad you are keeping yourself busy not bored. I am getting more ideas popping up, I just have been fighting the arthritis i am not one handed for sure, i am getting ready to see what the week brings. I hope you got some rest!!!!

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    • i only get mild arthritis in my hands as long as keep out of damp conditions and don’t have my hands under cold water too long or get generally too cold. but I also found it’s quite better while I have only very, very tiny amounts of milk (hardly any most days), bread too, few other things in diet make it flare. worse when not taking enough fish oils too (Omega 3-6-9). Yours sounds quite a problem at times, I know it’s awfully painfully even before it’s visibly obvious. I hope you can fend it off.

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