Leap Quota 9


It’s Alain Prost’s 61st birthday today (b.24th Feb.1955) That maybe looks a little mournful, these are just intended as a visual memory aid and practise in basic-making…maybe, one day, if not for me, but for my maybe ideal reader, one or another might inspire something of some kind…

I posted the authorstory feature at the blogging101alumni site today – I really cannot manage chronical biographical writing. it has to be meaningful to me. I don’t know if anyone enjoys it that way – I assume a biographical standard is preferred but it bores me to tears not retaining information because it ahd no real meaning to me. It’very stressful to try and do it that way. I’ve had fun with the ones I’ve done so far…

More to follow…here or there…


3 thoughts on “Leap Quota 9

  1. you got me wondering how you have them all neatly in the same kind of box? but alas I shall not require a step by step ……yet, anyways, i am getting an idea, oops well that’s bloggin for ya

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  2. Erm, I guess on reading that (and knowing I meant chronological I just decided to condense and leave (in)appropriate ‘chronical’ in its place… [note to self!]


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