Long time no…

Just a quick post to join in with belated Christmas wishes and another of my own daft ‘festive’ snaps!


According to the book in this photo, well, it at least infers that 60,000 British soldiers died in a sixteen mile stretch of [unidentified?] middle England that became known as the Battle of the Somme! Is that why Nottingham locals celebrate with a party they call “The Boxing Day Massacre” or is that just a Xmas remembrance? No idea! I originate from East Anglia where we learnt that much of “the Blitz” of WW2 was caused by English trainee pilots and failed instruments, by planes flying back through fog and bombing our own nation. They still think that was all H itler’s fault in these and other parts not so close to RAF bases as where I grew up. Oddly enough, I visited the official war museum of the Somme while in France with my school aged 11 or 12. During that visit we were told by the guide about the battles fought in the trenches there during WW2 and how they were still using equipment from WW1! I was a bit confused by that memory until I was gifted this book in my photo!

I never should have learnt (with Iowans) about Walt Whitman and the American Civil War! I might just go haphazardly guessing some more at bogus ‘official secrets’ that half the country or even the most of the whole darned world might just know -while some UK gravy-train citizens still get their freebies and priveleges for being good little go-fers and do-fers and play along still with the denials!

Apparently, historical research shows WW1 has been raging for centuries and so we never get round to WW2 so hopefully political leaders and “the media” will stop frightening us all with looming WW3 stories! If only Israel would behave better and thank goodness for the announcement of a truce, albeit described as a ‘fragile’ one, for Syria.

Oh dear! I started out trying to be cheerful! But that issue’s been burning a hole in my stewing-shoes all day and more. Happy Quimbley then, and onward, hopefully!

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