About 2

About 2 …

I am always ‘ about to’, but often forget

I dilly and dally and dither instead…

if you’ve clicked on this page link

i should think to acknowledge

but i’ll maybe be stuffing my face full of porridge

or wishing I was so, but forgotten to cook

hey! i’m so absent-minded,


..about me and my blog, well what more should be said?

I am always ‘ about to’, but often forget

I dilly and dally and dither instead…

(original poem, copyright the author, 15/08/2015)

4 thoughts on “About 2

    • Hallo 🙂 very nice of you to drop by. the theme is ‘Chalkboard’ one of the free themes, not sure how long it’s staying but I quite like it for now 🙂 Look forward to catching up with you soon via Sandbox 🙂

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      • Peace be upon you Colette and thank you, isn’t it just so amazing how we are driven to be where we are meant be and here we are right now! Back to the blackboard and chalk after wiping the slate clean….I remember once afore time, I had an inspiration to cover my room in black sugar paper and upon it went vibrational portraiture until it appeared that their were no walls at all only the pitch black sky for atoms to dance upon like a shifting sand portrait would be it’s mirror, and now I’m got to pondering how Allah designed that all form is visible by day but hidden at night when the veil stretches over, and the light shines through little holes that people call stars but we understand the light to be much stronger and brighter than led, that seeks out the pen from the writers hand to illuminate the tracts through the sand in order to light his or her way, you have inspired me today dear sister, to come upon a blackboard right here on my screen is as though by a miracle and wonder to my mind that is in this moment as though I’m a Bedouin tracking through the Sand,like the breeze makes it ripple and the heart thrill inside thinking of that one grain of sand beneath the sandal of Muhammed, peace and blessings be upon him, his family and companions and to you hear right now, and for caring to share something so small yet so great to the traveller and seeker of success in this world and hereafter may you be guided and directed by our Master and Sovereign Lord, to come into His pleasure by your words and kind gestures that brought me here upon this opening time of Fadjr..peace be upon you, Layla Fatimah Zahirah.

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      • Many thanks sincerely for your kind supportive words of encouragement and the warmth and light of your message. I truly appreciate your taking time to comment with so beautifully crafted words. Very best wishes to you and yours and may there soon be Peace for all on Earth.


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