Blogging101 A Refresher 2016 (no class!)

Day 1: Monday 22nd Feb.2016 – I previously decided I didn’t want headers, but I wonder what image(s) I tried with? Since I had added a lot  of images to the media library, I just had a play with a few. Screenshots grabbed to mull it over… can deepen or make narrower the crop for the header image too.

Another thing I never tried is the featured image. So trying it out with this page…

I have a lot of sorting out to do at all my blogs!!! A refresher would be nice…

I could have just read through the theme options again. Featured image appears not to be supported, but shows in draft version, (example screenshot below), so would transfer with page/post data if switching to a theme that supports it. I don’t want to change theme on this blog, even if it is a clunky old piece of compressed woodbased virtual whatever. Lots of tweaks available yet…


One thought on “Blogging101 A Refresher 2016 (no class!)

  1. update: 18/01/2017 Wednesday here; live online [14:51 or 3:51pm British summertime, January, a little cold but a mild winter so far]
    Anyway, forgot to add to this page that the featured image, although not showing for this page/post within the theme, by having ticked the box for the featured image, it does show in the Reader view for this page/post.


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