Forever at any age – would we?

If we had to live forever would we entertain the thought?

How would the earth support us if we lived forever more?

Who’d choose to be a babe in arms dependant on another?

– though innocent of wordly ills, so weak and vulnerable.

And if ever an infant trapped in childhood ever more,

how would we make our living and survival thus ensure?

Would everyone around us join us in this endless life?

or would repeated losses cut us like the cruellest knife?

Who’d choose eternal adulthood in a modern world so cruel?

Would choosing this option make us endlessly the fool?

Would we continue still to age with all inevitable declines?

Forever with such frailties would seem like the longest time.

I note there is no mention of the Fountain of Eternal Youth.

Perhaps to hope for such a thing would make all man so all the more uncouth.

 In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Golden Age.”