Hopeful travellers (after 7 months away, must’r in a post!)

Shocked again to take so long getting back here. Every day distractions. A world gone mad. Internet corruptions, mis-informations, deletions. Scatter-brained-ness. Exhaustion.

And elsewheres.

Other Things.

Overnight Partying. Thanksgiving US. We keep it in our thoughts and save the splash-fest dinner for either Quimbley or Boxing Day. Or both. And maybe again for New Year. Or Not.

Sunday A.M. Remembrance for Saint Katharina today in some parts and for some peoples. I will partake hopefully in a simple hot meal and later enjoy bread and honey. I didn’t learn enough about it before info was obliterated from the world wide web. There’s a lot of religious hoax info in place of the previous authentic articles.

Eastern Orthodox faiths seem specifically targeted. It is particularly despicable since the mass murders and genocides that took place close within living memory – and for all those before, these things should never happen again! Yet HERE we ARE!

There’s barely anything now representing British / English natural and christian faiths either. Looking online and Methodism isn’t represented as anything recognisable as British Methodism anymore nor is Anglicanism English Angli(c)an anymore. Britain clearly isn’t the only nation subjected to these bizarre oppressions. Whatever is going on in tech quarters to allow such hideous online behaviours? Religious hatred is illegal in my homeland yet the internet is clogged and clod-hopping with IT!

Anyway, I didn’t mean to bring a downer to a weekend focussed on Gratitude, of all things. Back to IT!

Every weekend dedicated blogger T***** puts in a lorra lot of effort reading her Weekend Share guests posts via the links they forward and then sharing those other blogger’s links after approving their content. Every week I forget to blog and forget to send any links for the ‘party’. I visit at least a small few of T*****’s recommendations from my email notifications usually, but this weekend I’m up late partying spring-boarding from those links. So I ponder I’ll join in with a little writing here. Where better to start than where the Weekend Share host shares my fave post link so far …

[It wouldn’t seem fair to share the direct post link and you can find plenty other interesting posts to hop to from the Weekend Share posts too.]


… Aside from the topic to hand my thoughts drifted to wondering how safe is foreign travel to anywhere at all? There seems an intense dislike for white Europeans as if we’re to blame for everything – especially colonialism in the New Americas, as if they didn’t have minds of their own once they established new settler communities. And there’s a heck of a lot of very divisive, very poor quality often factually incorrect new American journalism hitting our British readership too – in news and magazines, online especially. It’s worrying to believe that so many impressionable studious people around the world swallow what they read in published ‘English Language’ materials as if Fact.

There are so many beautiful places abroad and fares appear stupidly cheap sometimes, but so many ‘well-to-do’ ‘tourists’ using fake documentation and corrupt systems allowing fraudsters and criminals to bypass security and detection. So pipe-dreams of travelling abroad for real seem inadvisable in the current ‘climate’, Holidaying at home is so much better for the environment and local economies anyway.

I’d love to one day visit America but it seems a New World gone completely crazy. Besides, I’d probably only get as far as arrivals to be turned around to departures. Funny while ‘they’ let rich criminals in who’ve paid bribes to keep their records clean as a whistle. Unfunny while false religion’s delusional criminal cultists have falsified charges wrongly applied to innocents. Odd how people round the world believe it’s acceptable within our British culture, that it’s traditional, allowed and supported by the British Royal Family and that criminal cultists somehow get those shitty tendencies and daft ideas and habits from us in England / Britain!

Balls! But then again those same misguided folk often seem to believe Paganism is something like the Klu Klux Klan! What a slur against the Welsh to whom the Pagan faith belongs!


Going off the beaten track.

Well, I read a few posts, had a virtual coffee and at 700 words now I fancy a real one.

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays to American readers and all who perhaps partake in the festivities.

All best wishes for Saint Katharina’s day today (I assume it’s today, Sunday. Yesterday, Saturday was another Saint’s remembrance in Russia and they don’t usually coincide on the same day. If I can believe anything I read on the internet these days.)