fun for 101 free write (poem)

Writing live on the wire’s a much better way

Somehow I’ll write something though nothing to say

Using no paper and wasting no ink

I can save on resources, free-write and free think

It doesn’t take much to just sit back and try

and in all honesty thus I can’t be denied.

Why am I writing? What else would I do?

I’m happier writing, but for now, Toodalluh!

I’m having fun and challenging myself with writing101 for the next four weeks. My writing for the assignments won’t appear here, but off-shoots of writing following those tasks (such as this poem) might. My ongoing index page can be found here if you’re interested in visiting those posts/pages.created in response to the new writing101 course assignments.

By the way, if you know the correct spelling of ‘toodalluh’ please share – I first thought it must be with an ‘oo’ at the end but it gives completely the wrong impression!