Fine company but chequered background?

Fine company but chequered background?

As prompt NOT as ever my belated response to yesterday’s Daily Prompt from The Daily Post to create a mixtape/playlist that sums up your personality for a new friend.

Seriously? WordPress would have me frighten away my new friend in such a way? So, I’m joining all those objectors posting “no”, only differently, cos ‘I don’t wanna be your Monkey Wrench’…BUT… at the same time and somewhat lately…

Pictured in the photo above is Cuddles, not his actual name and not mine, he’s been left behind by my daughter. So, he’s temporarily borrowed to stand in for a mugshot in place of imaginary new friend and as mixt-ape visualisation. Perhaps he also passes as a candidate for the photo101 ‘pop of colour’ assignment…


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Just past first post and I realise I somehow have ‘Chateau’ for my theme and in need of some blog tweaks… should have been busy with such things for a couple of weeks already having signed up to blogging101 but too busy skipping so far… also joined photo101 and not joined in yet … lots of catching up awaits now I finally have my new play-tech to take nice photos and make blog posts with…all in good time… hopefully…