Tongue in cheek Trivia #1

This was the first thing I was impulsed to research while trying ‘Word-Finder’ utility very late (and eventually overnight) Friday evening having failed to ‘adopt’ an html widget for on my main blog:

How many words start with the letters ‘ewm…’?

Being a dozy girl (albe-i an middle-aged woman), I didn’t know then that E.W.M. might stand for  – among other things – Electronic Warfare Management, or Early Warning and Monitoring. I might have guessed Environmental Waste Management, had I been thinking acronyms and not WHOLE WORDS. That third acronym, following the first two, accumulates undesirable potential meaning.

Oh my word!

That’s exactly what I thought – and WHY when play-searching  ‘how many words begin with the letters…’ did the first three letters that spring to mind return NO words at all? I am absolutely sure there must either be some, or at least there MUST have been some once upon a time!

Anyway, if I can keep up with blogging here again while I while away my time, I might try exploring wordy stuff and the english English language – as well as trying to phathom (or should that be fathom while my meaning is not related to deep-sea nor diving) the differences between english English (en) and American english (AmEn!)

Intelligent Time-Wasting

This was a category I spotted on the BBC Radio4 website earlier this month. I was naturally drawn to it, and should definitely resolve to (a) return to listen to more and see what else loses me for hours into researching beyond the activity of listening to a short podcast to delve into the subject at hand. My brain’s addling so I’ll save what I was planning to write about this for another time, but this paragraph might just remind me to get…around-to-it!

I was resolving at (a) return to… and almost forgot (b), erm, I have actually forgotten what I intended to write at this point! Maybe it was simply to ‘borrow’ that phrase for a category/tag here! Oh well, I guess this paragraph is an example of unintelligent time-wasting, i apologise if I wasted your time forcing you to read it!

What’s your destination or activity of choice for ‘intelligent time-wasting’?