Time After Time

Friday 31st July and I’m updating a privately published post created Monday for my ‘Mixt-ape’n’playlist’ feature that fell by the wayside during July! I’ve a few of these cheat posts awaiting update and in-fill, most of them only housing the title and short note or even just a few question marks.

Guess that’s not the way to go and Mixt-ape pulled me up on it, not happy at being abandoned and his feature not making it to the page, especially having provided a track for this Monday’s mention. Only I wasn’t ever so happy with his choice.

“I’d prefer something along the lines of Rage Against the Machine ‘Sleep Now in the Fire’ or Rammstein’s ‘Ich will’…” I groaned.

“That may be so,” he retaliated, ” but ‘Ich will’ when you’re obviously NOT and you get more than enough sleep and burn-out and we don’t need any reminding of it. Besides, you were a slip of a girl when Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’ was released so I’m dragging you back to your youth pre-mispent phase. You were almost singing and humming along when it came on ‘The Smooth Drive Home’ radio show at 4 o’clock that afternoon, it was Monday and your feature was overdue and ‘…moving in circles, confusion is nothing new…’ seemed to sum you up perfectly! It’s MY feature  and…”

I gave up at that point. It’s not a favourite track, middle of the road but reasonably tolerable. I suppose. SO I dutifully outlined this post with title and blank space and privately published… there you go Mix’tape… now then, all filled in and published to public view: ‘Time After Time’ just two minutes after my 3:40 Friday deadline…