About About 2

About to have a breakdown for having lost my newly composed about Page I thought I’d just created, I found I’d made it a post here instead! Doh!

So, now I’ve copied it back to a page, i can tick another homework task off my list by writing this post about writing my About page!

I’m finally catching up at last. I thought this blog and my other first one both had about pages already. Wrong! They’d been sat floundering with the generic opening default ‘This is an example of a page…’  text provided by the wonderful WordPress.com… i do wish someone had nudged me and told me so. That’s asking a lot though…

So to make up for being so slack and slovenly about my blog I have written an about page, an about 2 page and now this about about 2 post, which is really just an excuse to show off my poem in a way someone might see, rather than never getting clicked on in the pages menu. You should see what I made for my first About page!

About 2 …

I am always ‘ about to’, but often forget

I dilly and dally and dither instead…

if you’ve clicked on this page link

i should think to acknowledge

but i’ll maybe be stuffing my face full of porridge

or wishing I was so, but forgotten to cook

hey! i’m so absent-minded,


..about me and my blog, well what more should be said?

I am always ‘ about to’, but often forget

I dilly and dally and dither instead…

(original poem, copyright the author, 15/08/2015)

By the way, I dumped the Chateau theme at last and for a shortish while am trying the Chalkboard theme .I’ve set an event countdown widget to remind me to try another different one. i’d fancied something retro-ish, like maybe the MAC OS Retro but it didn’t seem right when I previewed it. I chose chalkboard cos you don’t get more retro than a slate and chalk – also because I definitely did not want white text on a black background.

And in vice versa fashion, much later the same day, I thought I’d made a TESTING PHASE post  but find I’ve actually published it as a NEW PAGE!

So, there you have it folks. My about at last. Hope to catch up with you soon 🙂