Spirited Beliefs

Yet again I find myself in Limerick mode for Limerick Poetry Challenge#3. As well as the prompt word ‘believe’, I’ve used some other synonyms too. I’m also combining in this post the Halloween themed Prompt Stomp#3:  verse 2 of the following poem/collection of Limerick verses was specifically written using all three Prompt Stomp prompts for this week (Souls, spirit and spooky) and doesn’t fit the theme for the Limerick challenge, although the overall poem perhaps does. 


In a question of what to believe
Should we celebrate All Hallows Eve?
If you’d been burnt at the stake
Would your soul be irate
At remembrance begged by Trick or Treat?


Sweet slippery spirits behold
Over time Hallowed tales are told
Ultimate intervention
Lots of candy suspension in
Spooky piñatas cajoled.

(3)*NB see footnote

Turning its elf on its head
Hallows Eve looked at All Saints Day and said
I don’t much like
November but please try to remember
Knights are meant to stay home safe in bed.


Together we held to assume
Reasons witches might travel by broom
Under fall of the night
So to meet no one’s sight
Till their silhouette’s cast on the moon.


With imagination I ‘stood
I believe as a child maybe would
That it’s so great to play
Create any old way
However aiming to somehow make good.

(original writing, copyright Colette Bates 23/10/2015)

*Verse 3 has an unusual arrangement of the lines to maintain the acrostic structure I was aiming for but should still read in Limerick rhythm.

I’m wondering if verse one is also an acrostic verse, ‘ISIWA’ must mean something** in some language somewhere? if not it’s maybe a secret ancient word of white witches, or at least it could be in a story… 🙂

**I googled the word ‘isiwa’ and according to wordhippo isiwa is a zulu word that in English means cliff! I just love coincidence 🙂 It does also sound quite ancient spell-like…