Thumbing a Lift

This is my slightly late response to last Saturday’s Prompt Stomp prompt: DOOR (although I wrote in time on paper I’ve been having a posting lull this last week or so). This really happened on Tuesday afternoon, arriving at my medical appointment. I have to hope it’s the only ‘bad luck’ I came away with that day. Of course it wasn’t a huge problem and not the one that’s been preventing me from functioning this week. Previously functioning causes problems with current functioning, over and again. I just have to ride those waves. I don’t mind pain that’s easy to understand, reduces over certain time and heals. It makes a nice change some ways as daft as that must sound. Anyway, back to the Limerick poem I wrote inspired by the ‘DOOR’ prompt:

Thumbing a Lift (Limerick)

Catching my thumb in a taxi-cab door

Made it throb so incredibly sore

But it surely did help

me forget my poor health

so my head pain no longer fore-thought!

 Thumbing a Lift (very small injury)

Thumbing a Lift (very small injury)