Drawing on a Leap Year (Leap into … day1)


I decided to make a proposal for this leap year. After all, there won’t be another chance for another four years (in 2020) – and I need more practise.

No, I don’t mean a marriage proposal, that would be daft! No, I mean some kind of a ‘For the Love of Life’ proposal. I really need to change things up and quicken up. You could call it, the Leapster Challenge if you like. It’s quite wide open … if it’s anything at all 😉

My left-behind blog here has been nagging at me for ages to find some formula to get things moving again somehow. As part of my 14days, 14ways strategy (following Valentine’s inspring madness), I decided that for 14 days I’m going to post here just a found picture… and not worry about the writing, although I am writing now… something very short, hopefully. I’m actually going to try and collect 14 pictures each day, upload to my media library, hide them away in pages for later use and just select one of them to post each day.

So, that’s one of fourteen steps to my imminent blogging burnout (or maybe I’ll manage to avoid burnout, achieve a small something and be ready to make some small leap forward from 29th…)

I’m focussing on things I can achieve in quite a small chunk of time – and not worrying about fully-finished products but process. I’m also doing something tiny here with quotes I’ve been collecting for my guest blog posts, to go between the pics posts and doing a reblog each day at the Wishing Well – oh and answering a matchmaker question a day there too – so that’s four of my fourteen ways set out and the other ten might get left in thought or non-blogging actions only, because 14 isn’t all that important really!

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Are you marking the Leap Year in some way? Fancy joining in a Leapster challenge – no strings attached 😉